Functional and aesthetic

French door

They are often used as front doors of locals, balcony or terrace doors. They are characterized by good acoustic isolation and good anti-theft features. They can be opened from the inside or the outside, depending on situation. Extremely functional but chosen mostly because of their aesthetic design. Thanks to this solution house’s interior absorbs more light and heat.


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Technical specifications

GLASS: toughened glass (If broken it will disintegrate into small granular pieces ) or laminated glass (holds together when shattered)

MATERIAL: Upvc, Aluminium

SIZE: Only limited by our imagination

PROFILE SYSTEM: Upvc – Eurocell, Synseal Legend; Aluminium – Schuco, AluK

COLOURS: Upvc - we can offer your doors in white and wooden colour, Aluminium - we can offer your doors in any RAL colour