Spectacular and practical

Glass walls

Glass walls are spectacular and practical elements of your house and their correct arrangement provides comfort of living, improves house’s lighting and makes it bigger. The glass walls are one of the solutions of interior design which create  many possibilities of furnishing: they make a functional division of rooms possible.

Even small rooms look bigger thanks to the optical glass. It is a proven solution in the area of office or sale point construction. The glass has a unique feature of effective sound absorption and full transparency. 


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Technical specifications

GLASS: Toughened glass. If broken it will disintegrate into small granular pieces

STYLE: Frameless glass wall, Semi Frameless glass wall, Framed glass wall

DOORS: Bi-fold, Sliding, French, Single

HARDWARE: Solid Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome. Other finishes upon request

SIZE: Only limited by our imagination

COLOURS: Clear, Tinted, Acid, etc.