Modern and stylish

Glass stairs

Rooms where the glass stairs have been installed are exceptionally modern, stylish and elegant. They make the rooms lighter and more spacious. Panels consist of several layers of toughened glass bound by special foil which provides comfort of using and safety.  Thanks to the  application of this technology, brittleness and fragility of the glass elements is an illusion. An exceptionally luxurious construction of the stairs consists of elements which are fixed to wall on one side and mounted to elements made of toughened glass on the other side.

The whole installation makes an impression of levitation. This form is quite unusual. Enthusiasts of the most avant-garde concepts fall in love with the transparent stairs and balustrades. Solid and precise installation guarantees the highest level of safety. The stairs made entirely of glass are perfect for minimalist rooms, not only in flats but also in offices and hotels.


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Technical specifications

GLASS: Multi laminate glass panel – min. two layer of 10mm – 12mm laminated toughened safety glass (holds together when shattered)

SIZE: Only limited by our imagination

HARDWARE: Solid Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome. Other finishes upon request