Colors and textures

Stained glass

A stained glass is not only a beautiful element, transparent painting and source of light but also creates an effect of amazing play of lights. The light passes through diverse textures and colors, even dances on walls and objects in a room. The specificity of stained glass enlivens the room which becomes an extraordinary and mysterious place full of energy.


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Technical specifications

GLASS: Cathedral Glass, Opalescent Glass, Translucent Glass, Streaky Glass, Wispy Glass

SIZE: Only limited by our imagination

The many components and techniques used in making these works are not as important as the creativity required to compose with them. As in music with millions of possible combinations for tone, cadence, harmony and dissonance, stained glass has line, color, pattern and light. Honest composition, in some way comes from nature. Creating art in sympathy with architecture is a rewarding effort.